Thursday, April 2, 2009

Saham Akhirat......

We have just launched our 1st product, which will be followed by a spate of products catering to your tastes, preferences, styles and trends. So, Gals keep checking us regularly.

As part of my social obligation to the society, I have decided to support “MADRASAH DARUL AI-TAM”. Therefore, I will also be using this blog to support charity. And for this to happen, I have decided to upload second hand goods which are near to perfect brand new products. I can assure one and all that the garments will be clean and 100 % hygienically acceptable. All of the funds rising so from this kind of charity will be transferred directly to “MADRASAH DARUL AI-TAM”. And for this to happen, we ask you to just remit us the postage and the goods will be dispatched once the payments are received.

I really appreciate if all of you can help support “MADRASAH DARUL AI-TAM” and increase our Saham Akhirat.
"D Beauty Is Yours"

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